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Christian Service Program
CS1111 - Christian Maturity
Christian Maturity is an introductory study to the subject of the Christian’s growth. The study gives attention to the role of Christian service in the believer’s growth. A biblical approach to the subject makes the course acceptable for use in an international audience. The course leads the student to interact constantly with the Word of God, which is the foundation for the study. The course is practical in nature, pointing out how the...More

CS1211 - Prayer and Worship
This course is a study on prayer and worship with emphasis on the priority of God’s glory and God’s kingdom over our needs and wants. It also emphasizes the fact that believers who honor this priority will have the things they need provided for them. The study is based on Matthew 6:5-13, but the key verse containing the central truth is Matthew 6:33, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to ...More

CS1311 - The Responsible Christian
The Responsible Christian: A Study in Christian Stewardship is a study of what the Bible says about stewardship—the role of God as owner and people as stewards. It will explain how Christians should exercise their responsibility for faithful management of the various properties and resources with which God has entrusted them. In addition, it will deal with our relationship to our homes, churches, and communities in the light of our role ...More

CS2121 - The Kingdom, the Power, & the Glory
The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: A Survey of the New Testament will help the Christian worker gain an overall knowledge of the content of the New Testament. It emphasizes the historical setting, characteristics, and teachings of the New Testament. It will help the Christian worker understand the New Testament, gain confidence in its reliability, and become better equipped to share its truths with others....More

CS2221 - Tents, Temples, and Palaces
Tents, Temples, and Palaces gives the student an introduction to the Old Testament. It emphasizes the history of God’s people, paying special attention to God’s mighty acts and the prophetic words He gave concerning those acts. It deals with the sequence and meaning of the experiences of God’s people. It examines their relationship to Him and their successes and failures. Students will discover many truths from the Old Testament that will h...More

CS2321 - Understanding the Bible
Understanding the Bible is a course of study that interacts with you on methods of carefully organized Bible study. You will learn effective techniques for general study, then you will apply them to the Bible through study questions. Many of the answers given in the textbook to these questions are offered only as suggestions to guide you to your own answers. This study emphasizes skilled procedures of observation and interpretation as valuable ai...More

CS3131 - Cornerstones of Truth
Cornerstones of Truth: A Study of Bible Doctrine is an introductory systematic study of basic Bible doctrines. Major topics include the nature of God, the acts of God, the activities and limitations of angels, the Creation, the fall of humanity, God’s redemptive plan, the origin of Scriptures, the church, and God’s ultimate plan for humankind. The course is a practical, basic study of biblical teaching and its application in the life of the b...More

CS3231 - Alive in Christ
Alive in Christ: A Study of Salvation concerns the doctrine of salvation. It presents salvation as both the will and work of God that rest upon Christ’s atoning work. The course gives preliminary consideration to the grace of God as the source of salvation. It examines the biblical teaching on election and foreordination as background for consideration of the respective roles of God and humanity in salvation. The author takes care to avoid the ...More

CS3331 - Counselor, Teacher, and Guide
Counselor, Teacher, and Guide is an introductory course on attributes of the Holy Spirit and His activities in the world from Creation to the present. He is presented as a personal, powerful, and practical Friend who abides in Spirit-filled believers and through them reveals Jesus Christ to the world. With the pentecostal experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit, the believer is empowered for witness, service, and holy living. The course is a pra...More

CS4141 - The Christian Church in Ministry
The Christian Church in Ministry is a practical course of study of the church and the people who make it a reality. Attention is given to the church’s redemptive ministry and the need for the believer to actively participate in this ministry. The course is designed to help you in three ways: 1) It will help you understand the importance of the church in God’s plan for the world; 2) It will give you better understanding of the importance of...More

CS4241 - Starting New Churches
Starting New Churches is a practical course of study that stresses the importance of establishing new churches as a means of evangelizing the world. It gives guidelines so that any local church can be involved in the task of planting churches, thereby becoming a multiplying church. The course is designed to help a person in three ways: 1) It will help one understand the purpose and function of the church as described in the New Testament; 2) I...More

CS4341 - Helping Christians Grow
Helping Christians Grow is a study of the biblical basis for the nurturing ministry and the practical application of teaching in the church today. It gives emphasis to the needs of the pupils in various stages of human development and to the various opportunities for Christian nurturing through the ministry of local church programs, sharing groups, and the Christian home. ...More

CS5151 - Spiritual Gifts
In this course, we will give attention to three different groups of spiritual gifts. We will call them (1) Gifts of Ministry, (2) Other Ministry Gifts, and (3) Gifts of the Spirit. The first group—Gifts of Ministry—includes those believers who Christ gives to the church to be its leaders. In the second group—Other Ministry Gifts—we will study gifts which are available to all believers. And in the final group—Gifts of the Spirit...More

CS5251 - Preaching and Teaching
Preaching and Teaching is a basic study of two biblical methods of communicating God’s Word. The student is guided in the understanding and mastery of practical ways to prepare and present lessons and sermons from Scripture....More

CS5351 - Sharing the Good News
Sharing the Good News is a practical course on the important ministry of soul-winning. Written primarily for workers in the local church, it is a how-to study of the work of sharing the good news with the object of teaching the student how to lead people to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. It is also designed to help the student learn how to teach personal soul-winning to others. Special emphasis is given to the dynamic ministr...More

CS6161 - Solving Life's Problems
Solving Life’s Problems—A Christian Approach is a study of the source of problems, methods of problem-solving, and ways of finding solutions, from a Christian perspective. Major universal problems are presented, such as problems in social and family relationships, problems of the single person, problems related to human sexuality, and other problems related to suffering and death. Biblical solutions are given for all of these problem areas, a...More

CS6261 - People, Tasks, and Goals
People, Tasks, and Goals is a course that presents the biblical foundations of leadership. It introduces students to the theory and practice of leadership and guides them in the application of both biblical and theoretical principles. The material is appropriate for both beginning and experienced layleaders and ministers, as well as for those who wish to train others in Christian leadership. The main emphasis is upon development of gifts and capa...More

CS6361 - Abundant Living
Abundant Living: A Study of Christian Character is a practical course of study from Galatians 5 and related Scriptures. It emphasizes the development of Christian qualities and their outworkings in the Christian’s relationships and service. Biblical definitions and examples are emphasized in describing the nine dimensions of spiritual fruit, and practical applications are made that relate these characteristics to the individual Christian ...More