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Christian Life Program
CL1110 - Your New Life
When you asked Jesus Christ to be your Savior, a wonderful event took place. You were brought out of darkness into light. Your sins were forgiven, and you were born into the family of God. You received a new life. This book is about the new life you now have because of what Jesus did for you....More

CL1210 - When You Pray
Someone loved me and shared with me the things that have helped me so greatly. Now I want to share some of these things with you. Let us walk and talk together through these pages. As we go along, I pray that God will walk with us and that you may discover new depths of joy in talking with Him. Dr. J. Robert Ashcroft...More

CL1310 - God's Design - Your Choice
Have you ever wondered what God’s design is for your life? Perhaps you are a new believer, or maybe you have been a Christian for several years. Nevertheless, as you have continued to follow the Lord, it is possible that you have found questions arising in your mind. This course is designed to help you find answers to these questions. As you study each lesson, you will find out more about God’s design for you and how you can choose to foll...More

CL2120 - Your Bible
More Bibles have been bought than any other book in history. However, reading a Bible for the first time can be overwhelming. Where do you start? This book was written to help you learn how to use your Bible. You will also discover why and how the Bible was written. Believers accept the Bible as the Word of God and believe it is God’s personal message to them. Reading your Bible daily can encourage you in your faith and help you be a stronge...More

CL2220 - How to Study the Bible
The study of God’s Word demands our best attention. The Holy Spirit teaches us, but we must apply ourselves as well. It takes careful study of the Bible to understand its deep meanings. This course will present basic facts about the Bible and give you a few methods by which to organize your study. Without a plan of action, it would be very difficult to build a house, sew a dress, or graduate from school. But a plan of action makes any...More

CL2320 - John's Gospel
This course is about Jesus Christ, who was born more than 2,000 years ago. Why should you study it? How can it affect your life? How can these lessons help you? Whatever your belief may be, you owe it to yourself to know something about Jesus—His life, His teachings, and His claims....More

CL3130 - Who Jesus Is
Jesus Christ was born more than 2,000 years ago. Why should you study a course about Him? What difference does it make to you who He is? This question is vital. You will find the answer to it in these lessons. Today, more people than ever before in the history of the world are talking about Jesus Christ. Millions claim to be His followers. Why? Whatever your religion may be, you owe it to yourself to know something about Jesus—His life, His ...More

CL3230 - Your Helpful Friend
You will enjoy reading about men and women who have received the Holy Spirit as their Friend and Helper. You will learn from the Bible what this Friend can do for you. Best of all, as you put into practice the suggestions given in each lesson, you will know God better and serve Him more effectively. You will find the Suggested Reading List at the end of this book helpful if you plan to teach the course or want to study more about the subject a...More

CL3330 - We Believe
Have you ever had questions about what Christians believe? Have your friends asked you why you believe the way you do and you have not been able to answer them? If so, this course is especially for you. Even after you have studied it, you will want to keep it on hand for a quick reference any time a question arises. This course is about the main teachings of the Bible. We call them the fundamental doctrines. You should study them not only to h...More

CL4140 - The Church
Have you ever wondered where the church came from, how it got started, and what will happen to it in the future? Not only does this course tell you about the church, but it will also help you to know how you can be more useful to Christ and His church as you put into practice what you learn....More

CL4240 - Christian Worship
When you asked Christ into your heart and life, you were born in God’s family. He had already shown His love to you by sending Jesus to die in your stead. He continues to show you His love by answering your prayers and meeting your needs. You in turn have responded by accepting what He offered you and by thanking Him for His many blessings. But your heart is reaching out to do more. You want to express your love further. As you grow in...More

CL4340 - What Churches Do
Have you ever wondered why churches exist? What does it really mean to be baptized, to take communion, and to dedicate babies? Or perhaps you have heard someone ask, “Do I need to go to church? Why can’t I just worship God in nature or in my home?” What would you answer? Whether you attend church services regularly or not, this course will interest you. We will follow the experiences of Mary, a new convert, and her fiancé, Timothy. Timo...More

CL5150 - Personal Evangelism
Now that you have accepted Jesus into your heart and He has become your personal, living Savior, many questions may have come to your mind. What is the Christian life all about? What am I supposed to do? No matter who you are, you have been chosen by God to tell others of your experience with Jesus Christ and His saving power. That is personal evangelism! This study course will help you to understand the true nature of personal evangelism. ...More

CL5250 - Christian Workers
This course tells how God has organized the church according to His plan and purpose. It explains why there are different types of workers in the church. It describes the kind of person a Christian worker should be. And it gives practical suggestions you can follow in finding and developing your own gifts. It will help you understand how you can work with the leaders in your church and minister to those around you....More

CL5350 - The Teaching Ministry
My friend Donna came to our home Bible study and listened and learned as we taught God’s Word. Donna became excited about what she learned. She went home and began to teach her seven children. Each of them became a Christian. Then she invited the children in her neighborhood to go to her home one afternoon a week. She taught them about Jesus. Many of the children learned to love Jesus. They accepted Him as their Savior. Donna became a teacher o...More

CL6160 - Bible Ethics
This course will help you see the rules that were made to help you be holy as He is holy. It will help you see that these rules for right living are made for your own good. God is interested in what you are rather than in what you do not do as a Christian....More

CL6260 - Marriage and the Home
What do you expect to get out of this course? How will it help you? Many students take it in preparation for marriage. Young couples find in it time-tested rules for developing a happy home. Parents and children learn to appreciate each other more as they study the basic principles of good family relationships. And counselors can find in these pages a wealth of good practical advice to pass on to others. There is something in this course for e...More

CL6360 - The Christian in His Community
We usually think of community as the place where we live. But you will learn that community is much more than the place where we live—it is a spirit or an attitude that we have toward others. Do you know that you can be part of more than one community? You may be part of a school community, a church community, or a working community. All of these together may make up the community where you live. In this course, we will discover principle...More